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On Wednesday, April 25th ,2018
The First annual conference
Music & Art Culture Workshops
Pre-Pioneers500 - Startups competition
Noor Jaffa, Tel Aviv, Israel


The inaugural global music tech conference – The Internet of Sound 18

an international gathering of future sound technology leaders.

Connecting the dots between startups, innovators, businesses, entrepreneurs and investors.


Over 600 people from the local and international industry are expected to attend.
Those people are interested in promoting, upgrading knowledge and inspiring each other.

“The voice is everything”


The Conference’s primary theme is the Sound innovations and technologies, the echo-tone,
the rhythm-beat, the audio, the electro-musical creative culture, and the diversity of arts vision.  

We are bringing together under one roof top artists and music creators with entrepreneurs, investors,

and other key industry players.  


We are empowering the Israeli entrepreneurs to become world leaders in the music and sound industries

by promoting their revolutionary technological innovations.  

Leaders from innovation will connect and collaborate to overcome industry challenges.  


Who & Why?

Who is behind this event?


Our Loyal sponsors Urbanica Arts & Noor-Jaffe made this all possible

Noor Jaffa – is the culture Club & Arts house for concerts and exhibitions
and is also a cultural and historic landmark in Jaffa-Tel Aviv.


Our Beloved Partners

Pioneers.io - The ultimate one-stop Hub for global tech innovators that establishes and facilitates direct, meaningful business relationships between startups, corporate executives, and investors. Founded in 2009 in Vienna, Pioneers creates various platforms to help redefine industries, develop future technologies and introduce cutting-edge solutions. Its services include digital services, consultancy, ventures services and inspirational, tailor-made, offline experiences. Its events havebeen the heart of the bold, entrepreneurial spirit that Pioneers is known for. The flagship event takes place every year in the 500-year-old Hofburg Imperial Palace in Vienna, this year titled Pioneers’18, and brings together a global community of 2,500 founders, investors, innovation executives and media. This includes the best 500 hand-picked, seed-stage startups, known as Pioneers500 (P500), the Top 50 of which have the chance to pitch during the event as part of the Pioneers Challenge and win the prestigious title of ‘The Pioneer of The Year’. The 2017 edition of the flagship event was awarded with the bea World ‘Best Conference/Congress’ Award.


Penny Royalty - A visionary ethical business model and a cutting-edge technology powering tomorrow's economy.

A decentralized network powering investments from communities in talents. 


Daystage – The video streaming platform that lets you watch and share videos by up and coming and major artists from around the world.  Viewers rate the videos on daily.
Those that earned the higher rate are being featured on the first page for 24 hours.


Blockchain Israel - The largest community in Israel dedicated to Blockchain Solutions
and Crypto Technologies.


TMT- Tel Aviv Music Technology, established by Revital Hollander in 2015.  

The biggest community in Israel with around 2,500 musicians, soundmen, designers, developers, entrepreneurs, and researchers in all music technology related topics.


Community Managers – of leading accelerators and incubators programs in Israel.




Why now?


  • To create investment and cooperation opportunities as well as to open up international markets for Israeli startups.


  • To accelerate and foster innovation in the future sound technology and turn it into a global music tech conference.


  • To learn and educate from the best in the industry. Connecting the dots between startups, innovators, businesses, entrepreneurs and investors.


  • To encourage and empower the Israeli community to invest and support this unique culture, enabling our global entrepreneur to fund their innovations.


  • To give early stage entrepreneurs who have developed technology in the area of Voice, Audio, and Tone an opportunity to exposure their ideas in the pre -pioneers500 


  • To embrace change and encourage global competition.


  • To create a new event to highlight music culture and creative art, to encourage innovative ideas, now and in the future on a global scale.


  • To give a platform to local artists and creators in the electronic music scene which is currently leading the way in all major international festivals. 


It is about time that we meet, face to face, with the people behind the curtain.







Target Audience

The entire Sound  |  Voice  |  Art Vision | Electronic Music industry | Artists | Creators | 
Innovators  |  Entrepreneurs  |  Developers  |  Designers   Sound technicians   Electric Engineers,

Studio recording owners |  Sound program editors  | Professional specialists  | High-Tech industry executives Cinema |  Radio |  TV and Podcasts broadcasters  | Music producers  | Label owners  distributing managers  | Social Media  |  Academic lecturers  |  Writers   Bloggers on music and arts culture  | Leaders  |  Influencers from multinationals  | Investors  | Venture capital fund managers
community and acceleration programs in Israel, Europe, and many more…

Get Fast-Tracked to Pioneers500

at Pioneers'18

The second part of the day begin in the afternoon on the 25th of April, starting from 16:15,
The Pre-competition of pioneers500 for start-up companies will take place.
Only 7 startups will be chosen and will have 7 min to pitch their idea in front of the judges. This opportunity is only open to early stage entrepreneurs.


Music, Arts & Culture, Education & Sport, Design, Gaming, Smart Home, Entertainment, Electronic consumers, Fashion & Wearables, Sensor appliances, Voice & Speech, Smart Mobility, Intelligent interfaces, IoT, AR, VR, Voice Equipment, AV Instruments, Mobile communications, Machine Learning, Frequency Modulation, Analysis Systems


The winning company of the "Internet of Sound" will be invited to:
- Enter the accelerator program for startups in Vienna starting in 2019;
- 2 free tickets to Pioneers'18.

- A fast tracked to the Pioneers500 startup program of Pioneers'18.

After the event:
The winning company will also benefit from 2 separate 1:1 meetings
with investors/industry leaders.


What is the Pioneers500?


The Pioneers500 is a selection process of 500 early stage companies, where selected startups get 2 free tickets  to participate at Pioneers flagship event - Pioneers’18  a future tech event that brings together a global community
of 2,500 founders, investors, executives and public sector representatives from over 100 nations.

The Pioneers Festival will take place on May 24th - 25th at the Hofburg Imperial Palace in Vienna, Austria,  during which selected Pioneers500 startups will get the chance to advance in the Pioneers Challenge  and potentially pitch in front of 400 international investors and media.


The primary criteria for startups to apply is:

Seed stage startups with prototype ready or product close to market and raised up to ~1M € funding.

Further rating is based on startup team, product, traction and market.


From these 500 startups, a jury will nominate who are the Top- 50 startups who will pitch on the first day of the event
and 100 startups will be chosen to exhibit around the venue.


From the 50 startups that will pitch on the first day of the event, the jury will select Top 8 teams that will go into the final pitching round on the main stage on the second day of the event in front of the audience of 1500+ executives, investors, founders and international media.

Ultimately, the winner at the finals would be crowned “Pioneer of the Year”


The People

Proud to bring inspirational speakers from across the globe


09:00 - 10:00 - Opening Registration Food and Beverage

11:45 - 12:30 - BREAK - Refreshments and Time for Networking

13:15 - 14:30 - Lunch break with Beer and Wine

16:15 - 18:30 - Get Fast-Tracked to Pioneers500 at Pioneers'18 -

                         The Pre-competition  

                         Moderator: Revital Hollander.

                         Jury committee members: Oliver Csendes, Nava

                         Swersky Sofer, Liraz Lasry, Merav Oren Undine,

                          Zach-Pavelli, Oren Simanian, Izhar Shechter.



Hall A -

Talks, Sessions, Stories about Electro – MUSIC –Ecosystem

10:00 - 10:45 - Rusty Egan -

                         70 years of music. The future is Block -Chain

                         how to make an enjoyable health living

                         from MUSIC.

                         " Welcome to the dance floor "- Q and A -

                         Performance & Recordings.

11:00 - 11:45 - Rudi Esch -

                         "ELECTRI_CITY" the story from Dusseldorf of

                         Electronic Music. How to launch A BOOK, A

                         CONFERENCE and A CD-COMPILATION

12:30 - 13:15 - Steven Machat -

                         Then & Now - 30 years in Music Law industry.

                         Where the future can take us into light or darkness?

                         New Blockchain Technology - Is going to

                         revolutionize the industry?

13:15 - 14:30 - Music Garden street Jam Session with

                         The Smart Music Artists community   

14:30 - 15:30 - Eitan Reiter ,Ofer Dikovsky
                         Live Workshop back-to-back,

                         Q and A – Open discussion.

15:30 - 16:15 - Ofra Baram -

                         "How to make it by yourself and what is

                         to "make it" anyway?

Hall B –

The "Learning Tune"

10:00 - 10:45 - Opening panel​ -"What it takes?" to succeed in

                         entrepreneurship in music, art and media in Israel

                         and globally - with: Matan Berkovich, Dror Aharon, Oren 

                         Avraham and Keren Israeli.

                         Moderator: Revital Hollander. 

11:00 - 11:45 - Omer Frank -

                         Simplifying complexed flows using

                         information design

12:30 - 13:15 - Alex Coman & Liraz Lasry

                         Culture & Arts Technology Values Creations 

14:30 - 15:30 - Avishay Pariz -

                        The Personal Assistant, The Voice revolution.

15:30 - 16:15 - Ithamar S Eshpar -

                         How the Laptop Replaced the Acoustic Guitar?
                         DIY Music Production - What knowledge need to

                         create music? Equipment? Software? Plugins?

Hall C –

The "Upgrade Garden"

10:00 - 11:45 - 1:1 Mentors -

                         Erez keynan, Yael Rozencwajg, Ofer Laksman,

                         Oren Todoros, Noemie Alliel

14:30 - 16:10 - 1:1 Investors -

                         Brooks-Keret Financial Management



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